Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

Fabulous Tulle Sweetheart Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dresses with Beaded Lace Appliques

Many opinions arise when it comes to planning for wedding ceremonies, most especially now that weddings are getting hotter and more colourful by the day. And one of the most important aspects of preparing for our weddings is the selection of wedding dresses. Choosing the right pattern of dressing in weddings goes a long way in determining how colourful and acceptable the wedding would be. 

However, 2018 has come with a different tone in the course of choosing the right dresses for wedding ceremonies. Things have changed from what we used to see, to things new, making weddings more adorable now than ever before. And as we move on in 2018, it is obvious that people have started to spend more money on wedding ceremonies than ever before. Especially in regards to the things they wear. 

 When I started my research for this article, I checked up all the styles that were predicted by stylists to rule 2018 and the list included: 

  • Touch of a bow 
  • Capes,Caplets and Cover -Ups 
  • Power Suits 
  • Bridal Chokers  
  • Gloves 
  • Tiered Gowns 
  • Victorian inspired 
  • Boho Princess 
  • Ornate Headpieces  
  • 3D floral Applique 

And the list goes on and on. 

 I went on to check all the wedding dresses that were made from the collections of renowned fashion houses in the world.  

And as I was about writing on this trends and posting images from the designers, something struck me that I should go online and see what people were wearing and that’s how my search led me to social media. I decided to limit myself to Instagram because I understand the app better.

As I kept browsing through pictures I realized that most of the trends that were predicted to rule 2018 were not even amongst the ones I was seeing; but then again the year was just starting so maybe the trends could catch on as time goes by.  I checked more accounts and I came to the realization that most brides are not looking for fashion trends; rather they were after a well cut silhouette that will bring out distinctly the features of the body wearing it.

 It’s good to note that fashion differs for everyone and while some believe that less is more, others believe that being covered up is best. The one thing that both side seem to agree on is that whatever dress you pick must fit.  The emphasis here is on fit because no matter who designs a dress, once it doesn’t fit, then the beauty of such clothing is lost. 

The images below show beautiful dresses and only daring brides can rock like this.

It’s safe at this juncture to say that the trends we will see this year will be bold and exciting wedding dresses because a lot of brides have come to the realization that drama doesn’t really translates to statement piece rather a well fitted and nice fabric texture can bring all the statement you need.  

 I see a lot of future brides going for wedding dresses that suit them rather than following trends. 

 It is your big day, so go all out and feel like a princess. 

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New Wedding Dress Trends for the Season

If you’re yet to go dress shopping, then you’ll definitely want to be up on the latest wedding dress trends. Choosing your wedding dress is a magical experience and one that you will cherish for life! It is not to be taken lightly by any bride. With all eyes on you and photos that will last a lifetime, you need to look your very best. 

No one wants to be “so last year” on her big day, so take some time to get caught up on the latest wedding trends; from bold splashes of color to iconic silhouettes. Here are four top trends set to take bridal wear fashion by storm:

Whether you just got engaged, or your wedding day is in sight, and you are currently putting together the final details of your wedding – then it is never too late to take a look at the latest wedding dress trends.

Not your average white

While the traditional white, ivory and cream dresses will never go out of fashion, they will not be the only option to choose from. This upcoming wedding season predicts and showcases gowns in all different hues and shades. More conservative brides will opt for tones of blush or champagne while the more fashion-forward brides will opt for tones of blue, lavender, silver and gold – making them stand out in their uniqueness.

Metallics on the runway

Flashes of metallic keep popping up all over the runway, and I think it is safe to say this fashion trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. From athleisure to evening gowns, makeup, accessories. Silver, gold, copper, and bronze… for the love of metallics! 

It just makes you feel luxurious and extra special and what better way to make a statement on your big day?

Creative coverage

Nothing completes a stunning bridal look with the perfect wedding veil and as such brides are looking for more stylish attributes to cover their head and shoulders on their wedding day. Although the traditional veil still holds its importance for some brides, more and more brides will be opting for accessories that will help them switch things up and just stand out.

Custom designs

With uniqueness, self-expression and standing out from the crowd being the center of the latest trend of the season, personalization becomes everything. From unique custom bridal jewelry to wedding gowns with bespoke designs. Limited-label designs are more sought-after than ever before, as brides are given the opportunity to wear something that truly reflects their individuality without seeing the same designs in every other boutique they walk in.

The trend shows a massive shift towards bespoke designs as brides will seek out designers and support local and custom-made brands.

Alright, that’s it! I hope this piece has been able to enlighten you about the top wedding trends for the season? 

Whatever your wedding style, theme or destination you’re sure to find a wedding dress that you adore in this new season’s trend. But most importantly, do well to follow your heart and your tastes and keep looking until you find the perfect wedding dress for you.

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