5 Reasons to Engage in Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling

By Melissa Bertoch, Owner at Purposeful Living, Bluffdale, Utah

When couples begin wedding planning, premarital counseling is often one of the most overlooked, undervalued services. Oftentimes, couples tend to look at their relationship too idealistically and do not see the need for premarital counseling.

Additionally, couples tend to view premarital counseling as something that only religious couples need to engage in. Couples often spend countless hours preparing for the wedding and fail to give proper attention to preparing for the marriage.

Here are five reasons why premarital counseling can benefit you and your partner:

Increases awareness

Premarital counseling can give you increased awareness across many areas of your relationship. There may be areas you and your partner disagree on that you’ve never discussed.

Premarital counseling gives you the opportunity to become more aware of each other’s needs and opinions, while giving you a neutral party to help you navigate those areas.

Provides a safe place to talk about important things beforehand

There are some topics that are difficult to talk about with your partner. Sometimes couples avoid talking about specific topics because they are afraid to assert their needs. They may worry that their partner won’t understand, so they keep quiet.

This can lead to resentments later on that compound and become more difficult to resolve after many years. Premarital counseling gives you the opportunity to address these issues and find a compromise before they become a problem.

premarital counseling

Improves communication and conflict resolution

Most couples struggle with communication, which can often lead to increased conflict. Premarital counseling gives you the opportunity to learn how to communicate more effectively with your partner.

In turn, this not only helps you resolve conflict in a more productive manner, it often reduces the amount of conflict to begin with.

Enhances relationship skills

There are many essential relationship skills that can help contribute to a successful marriage, including communication and conflict resolution as discussed above.

Other relationship skills that can be gained include knowledge of your partner’s habits and personality, life skills, setting goals as a couple, and more.

Reduces your risk for divorce

Research conducted on the efficacy of the premarital counseling has shown that the risk for divorce can be reduced as much as 30%. There are studies that indicate that as much as 10-15% of couples choose not to get married after premarital counseling, which contributes to lower divorce rates.

That said, isn’t it worth it to determine if marrying your partner is right for you before you get married?

As you plan for your wedding, consider what benefits you can gain from premarital counseling. All couples can use help strengthening your relationship. Relationships change and evolve over time, so it is imperative to gain basic relationship skills to increase your ability to handle these changes.

Taking the time to invest in your marriage before the big day can have lasting benefits that will lead to a happy marriage.

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