How To Choose the Right Wedding Venue

Everyone knows that in order to make your wedding day special you’ll need to make a few important decisions along the way. Among the biggest choices you’ll have to make is picking the right wedding venue.

What is the big deal about the venue? Wouldn’t any venue do? Here’s a look at the important aspects of why choosing the right wedding venue matters and tips to guarantee your hunt for the perfect venue goes as smooth as possible.

Creating the Atmosphere

The venue will be the central part of creating the atmosphere at your wedding. The venue’s style will be key to defining the rest of the wedding theme. Many even choose to build their theme around their selected venues.

If you already have a wedding theme in mind – perhaps you are looking to create a quirky vintage wedding, you can narrow your venue search for venues that suit the theme. For instance, if you want a relaxed, no-fuss wedding, don’t pick a posh hotel where guests have to sit at their tables.

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Adding Your Unique Touch

Not all venues provide the same opportunities for you to highlight your personality – in fact, some venues might not even be accommodating for slight color changes. If you are looking for a place to decorate yourself or to add your own unique mark on it, you need to find a venue that allows this.

On the other hand, you might prefer to have a venue that makes the whole planning process easier. Some venues will be decorated according to your selections and this allows you to focus your attention on other aspects of organizing the wedding.

Organizing the Entertainment and the Food

The venue will naturally be the setting for your wedding entertainment and the food – both crucial parts of organizing the wedding. Certain venues only allow you to pick from their caterers and from a specific set menu, while other venues might be more flexible with what they provide you.

Checking what the venue’s catering and drinks policy is should be one of the first questions you ask them before you necessarily even check them out. You don’t want to spend your whole wedding planning visiting venues that turn out to be ill suited for your needs.

Furthermore, if you are planning to organize special entertainment, such as a fireworks display, at your wedding, make sure you ask about the venue’s policy. It’s always a great idea to tell your suppliers which venue you’ve booked as soon as possible, so they can prepare for it!

Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

Staying Within the Budget

The wedding venue is one of the largest expenses, if not the largest, of your special day and you naturally need to find a venue that fits into your budget. You don’t want to go with a venue that doesn’t provide you the things you need nor do you want to get in debt just to book your dream venue.

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