How To Choose An Open Air Photo Booth

By Jean Edwards, Owner at Lookin’ Glass Pix, Sherrills Ford, NC

So your day is almost here and you have decided to rent a photo booth…

When looking for a photo booth for that special event or party there’s a few things you need to consider.

I’m sure that you have worked long and hard preparing for your special day so when it’s time to think about the entertainment I know that you are wanting the best your money can afford. 

Introducing The Magical Mirror

Do you want just another photo booth or do you want THE MAGICAL MIRROR photo booth? 

Lookin' Glass Pix photo booth Magical Mirror

The going rate in the Charlotte area for renting a photo booth is between $275.00-900.00. It really depends on the number of hours you want to rent the booth for and the extra add ons that you choose. 

I’m sure you’re use to seeing either the old style actual photo booth where you open the curtain and sit down and the booth snaps 3 pictures nothing fancy, no overlays. Or maybe you have seen the newer thing out now that uses an iPad and a very bright ring light around it, it’s hard to see the screen of the iPad while standing so far away all the while the bright ring is blinding you… Both of these will print a 2×6 print.

Maybe you haven’t even heard of the newest thing yet? Picture this, a 5’ tall 3’ wide giant mirror! This isn’t just a mirror! You can see it clearly from across the room! You can use the mirror to fix your hair or maybe straighten that tie, then Touch the interactive touch screen to start your photo adventure! Step back to the backdrop and watch the animation on the mirror.

Lookin' Glass Pix photo booth Magical Mirror

Look at the led ring at the top of the mirror as the interactive screen is counting down so you know exactly when your picture is being taken. Don’t like that shot, no worries just touch the X and retake your photo ! No, the fun isn’t over yet! You’re just getting started. Look at the mirror, there’s a finger drawing you up close… now a screen pops up telling you to use your finger to sign your photo ! How about adding an emoji??? Now, how would you like your 4×6 inch photo? Text? Email? Print? Maybe even text and print? Yes, it does that! And so much more!

Open Air Photo Booth

I believe you will find that you could have the best photo booth money can buy, the Magical Mirror from Lookin’ Glass Pix.

We have a “Build your own package” that starts out at ONLY 275.00 for 2 hours!

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